EB-5 Process Frequently Asked Questions

What are EB-5 Regional Centers?
Regional Centers are entities designated by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that promote economic development and job creation in a specific geographic location in the US.

What is the best way for a potential borrower to get in touch with CiF?
Once you have reviewed the Project Submission Checklist, and completed the non-disclosure agreement, potential borrowers can get in touch with one of our team members by clicking here.

What advantage is there to using EB-5 financing?
EB-5 financing is a unique and cost-effective alternative to traditional sources at a time when traditional financing can be difficult to acquire.

How long does the fundraising process usually take? How long until I can access the funds?
It will take approximately 6-9 months after closing for CiF to raise and release the capital. However, depending on the size, security, and other aspects of the investment, that timeframe may vary.

How does CiF calculate job creation? Do construction workers count towards job creation?
CiF counts job creation through several different ways, such as:
  • direct workers;
  • construction expenditures;
  • incremental revenue projections; and
  • other output metrics.
CiF's expert economist will use the most appropriate calculation method(s) for each project.

What kinds of projects have been financed with EB-5 funds in the past?
The EB-5 Program has been used to finance a myriad of different real estate projects. Some of the more common examples include the following:
  • hotels;
  • resorts;
  • hospitals and elder care facilities;
  • large-scale infrastructure and commercial construction projects; and
  • mixed-use real estate developments.

  • Do CiF loans require significant collateral?
    Yes, CiF will only consider financing projects for which there is adequate and appropriate collateral, as determined by our underwriting team.

    This material is not an offer or solicitation to invest in any security, does not form part of any existing or future solicitation or offering, and is provided for general information purposes only and not as immigration, investment or tax advice. Security offerings, if any, will only be made pursuant to exemptions from registration requirements set out in applicable securities laws. The content hereof is qualified in its entirety by any offering memorandum and related operating agreement that may exist now or in the future.

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